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Proudly keeping the wartime spirit alive

The show is set in 1939 in the heart of wartime Britain.  Featuring “The D-Day Darlings”, a vocal harmony trio of the era and “Mr John Adams”, an actor, director and soldier of war.

The story begins as we hear the declaration of war speech on the wireless and The Darlings say goodbye to their lifelong friend, John, as he packs up his troubles and goes to fight for his country. Before John leaves he see’s an advertisement in The times Newspaper from ENSA - the agency providing entertainment to the troops in WW2 - and he promises The Darlings he will write to ENSA and tell them all about them… Could this be their big break?  

As the story unfolds, we see The Darlings at home working hard supporting the homeland, trying to keep the spirits of the nation bright with their songs. John returns from the army with the news The Darlings have been waiting for - a request for them to perform in “The Greatest Show on Earth” for the Armed Forces around the world.

The story is pieced together with a plethora of the most popular music of the 1940s, featuring songs by Dame Vera Lynn, The Andrew Sisters, Gracie Fields, Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and more.  With a series of authentic costume changes to add 40s glamour and a dazzling backdrop of original film footage from the era, the show brings the spirit of wartime Britain alive and brings back fond memories for all.

The Songs That Won The War Theatre Show Proudly supported by Dame Vera Lynn & The Royal British Legion